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* Applying for a AMFTRB transfer request
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Below are the step by step instructions in completing the AMFTRB score transfer.

Note that Transfers are sent to the State electronically, you will receive a confirmation email only. If aduplicate is requested, it is sent to you by Email. No paper copies will be sent by mail.

For Full instructions to fill in the following Form, Go to


You will need to go to the following website:

Click on New Application Tab, then create a new account by filling out the profile information. Once the information is filled out, Click on Create Profile.

This will bring you to another page, after Checking that your Candidate Information is correct at top of the screen, scroll down to Exam Information and fill in the needed information (You MUST Fill in your First name, Last name, Month of Exam, and Year of Exam)

Next fill out the Official Score Transfer Request to A State Office and Fees.

Once you click on one of the circles, you will have choices for state transfer or duplicates. If your chose a state transfer, a box will appear for you to pick the state you are transferring to. If your requesting a Duplicate, no State box will pop up.

Then click on "Add Item" Button for each request you need. You can have as many as you want but need to do them one at a time. A list of your request(s) will show below).

Next Go to bottom of screen and click on the box to certify your statements, next type in your FULL name and Submit payment.

This will bring you to a summary page, after making sure its correct, Click on Submit Payment to go to pay by credit card. (No need to put in a shipping address since the requests will be deliver by email to the State Board)

Click Pay now

The following is your information that you will need: Test date, Candidate ID, and State

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